Yes you read that write, this blog is not about how to use cloud services to build a app or a service, but about building a cloud itself. Why on earth would I want to build my own cloud? for all I know it will need tons of money , lots of time and efforts. And more and more it seems like, almost any service you can imagine is already provided by the existing service providers. Not only that, to bootstrap a cloud you would need to qualify tons and tons of compliances and regulations from various industries. Without which getting clients would be hard. And don’t even get me started on security.

Well building a cloud business is hard. If I am being honest I was never going to build a cloud buiness. the title is kind a clickbity :). My concern is, as cloud providers become bigger and bigger everyday, both in terms of the critical insfrastrure of global entities(government or otherwise) and wide catalogue of services they provide, less and less people understand what goes behind the scenes. Like for example, Scalability, all the cloud providers offer this as a core service. In other words if have a website hosted on one of the cloud providers, and if you get only one user, you app will only use the resource that it needs and your bill might be very small or in some cases even Zero. But for some reasons if you have like a million users the next week, the cloud providers would be ready to provide you with the necessary compute and memory so that your site doesn’t crash. How are they able to do that?

As engineer and developer at heart, I believe the best way to understand better how something works we need to build it. In this blog series I will try to build a hypothetical cloud buiness with as many as services possible and explain how they work and why we can or can’t relly on them.

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